March 4th, 2018. Rutgers University, NJ. PLOrk performs alongside the Rutgers Laptop Orchestra in a rare double-bill.

May 3rd, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton 10th Anniversary Show. PLOrks annual end-of-year concert features the all-star ensemble along with guest artists Hprizm (rapper/composer, also known as High Priest, from Antipop Consortium) and Iarla O Lionaird (Irish singer and producer). Prepare yourself for the sounds and sights of neurons firing, planets spinning, stars glimmering, and voices transforming.

February 24th, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton The Science of Memory. PLOrk joins forces with the Council on Science and Technology and hosts Stevie and Bryan from the WPRB radio show These Vibes Are Too Cosmic to present "The Science of Memory." Neuroscientists Mike Lemonick, author of Perpetual Now, and Sabine Kastner (Princeton faculty) will be interviewed with musical interludes by PLOrk. PLOrk will premiere a new neuroscience-inspired work called Connectome, jointly developed by Mike Mulshine (tech/composition), Jeff Snyder and Aatish Bhatia (neuron model sound synthesis), and Drew Wallace (neuron visualization).

February 23rd, Princeton Art Museum. PLOrk engages with the celestial theme of the Museum's installation of contemporary art with Opposite Earth, a new piece by PLOrk director Jeff Snyder. A second piece, titled Five States of Being, composed by Princeton graduate student Chris Douthitt, will also be performed.

October 6th and 7th, 2017 Festival of the Arts, Lewis Center Opening Join us on in the main atrium of the new Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton, NJ. PLOrk will begin its adventures in the incredible new arts facilities with a multi-sensory inaugural Fanfare. The performance features original music by Jeff Snyder for the Laptop Orchestra, Tilt Brass, and Sō Percussion interacting with a kinetic lighting installation by Tony Award-nominated theatrical lighting designer Jane Cox.

December 8th, So Percussion Studio, Brooklyn Brooklyn Bound. PLOrk will perform with So Percussion at their Brooklyn digs alongside TAK Ensemble. PLOrk will present Five States of Being, by Chris Douthitt, and PLOrkCycler, composed by the ensemble.

November 28th, 1879 Arch PLOrk presents a "PLOrk Arch-Sing" beneath 1879 Arch, Princeton's traditional A Capella "arch-sing" venue. PLOrk will perform Five States of Being, composed by our own Chris Douthitt, and PLOrkCycler, composed by the ensemble. The performance is dedicated to the great Pauline Oliveros, who recently passed away.

April 18th, Taplin Auditorium
  PLOrk presents "Human Modular", a program of live electronic music that explores how technology both connects and disconnects us from each other. Two classic works by John Cage and a piece from the 1980s by Nicolas Collins are combined with new compositions by the ensemble and a raucous electronic arrangement of a Swedish folk song.
December 17th, Experimental Intermedia, NYC
  PLOrk plays at the release party for Nicolas Collins's new DVD.

December 14th, Garden Theatre, Princeton, NJ
  PLOrk performs a live soundtrack to Battleship Potemkin

November 18th, Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ
  PLOrk performs IceBlocks, by Jeff Snyder, at the Grounds for Sculpture Museum.

April 22nd, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ
  PLOrk presents MEDI3VAL DR3@MS, featuring recompositions and arrangements of Medieval and Renaissance music on newly invented electronic instruments.

December 12th, Richardson Auditorium, Princeton, NJ
PLOrk joins Princeton Sinfonia for a performance of student Mike Mulshine's new piece for orchestra and electronics.

June 30 - July 3, Goldsmiths, London
  Members of PLOrk attend the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) conference at Goldsmiths College in London in June of 2014. Thanks to the Lewis Center for the Arts, the Princeton University Music, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Departments for their funding support in making this happen! We presented two posters of PLOrk-related research and performed our arrangement of Brazilian Maracatu for Mobile Device Marching Band.

April 23, Taplin Auditorium
  PLOrk presents Machine Yearning, with special guests Sam Hillmer, Jason Treuting, and a giant industrial robot
Documentation of the Robot piece
Documentation of Skipstep, by PLOrk, using software written by PLOrk member Avneesh Sarwate
Documentation of Recurve, by PLOrk, with Jason Treuting and Sam Hillmer
Documentation of the Mobile Marching Band, a PLOrk arrangement of Brazilian Maracatu music

| April 2013
Taplin Auditorium -- PLOrk Concert with works by Ryan Carter, Anne Hege, Daniel Iglesia, Dafna Naphtali, Sarah O'Halloran, Meg Schedel, Ryan Ross Smith, Jeff Snyder, and one piece written collectively by the students in the class!
Associated Press video about PLOrk in 2013

| February 2013
Berlind Theater -- PLOrk provides a live score to a performance of Merce Cunningham choreography led by Silas Reiner.

| April 2012
Richardson Hall with Kathy Supove-- documentation
and April 15-17, 2012, Sideband in Baton Rouge for SLEO
PLOrk at Taplin Auditorum and 92Y Tribeca documentation.
| 05/15/2011
PLOrk-o-sound, Woolworth Center, Princeton
| 04/03/2010
with Anders Åstrand, Van Stiefel, and others: documentation.
| 10/09/2009
MMiX Festival in NYC (and NYTimes podcast about it)
| 05/16/2009
show with Matmos, So Percussion: documentation
| 05/30/2009
members of PLOrk with Laurie Anderson's Atelier Project
| 05/16–17/2009
at the MacArthur Foundation and HASTAC Winner's Showcase
| 05/10–11/2009
at The Kitchen in NYC with So Percussion and Matmos
| 04/24/2009
at ffmup: Midterm performances
| 05/05/2008
Northwestern Spring Festival, Chicago: documentation
| 04/25–27/2008 with the American Composers Orchestra presented by Carnegie Hall (Zankel) and the Annenberg Center (Philadelphia). read more! videos about the project here. reviewed here, and a good pic here (of half the group for this piece).
| 06/10/2007
| 05/18–19/2007
Woolworth (for Riley's In C) and Taplin
| 01/18/2007
Winter Concert, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton
| 11/21/2006
ffmup, plorktastic chamber music
| 10/28/2006
Genomics Institute, for President Tilghman and guests.
| 10/13/2006
3 Legged Dog, NYC, part of the Ear to the Earth festival.
| 05/05/2006
In the Round: documentation
| 04/06/2006 first BIG show, with Zakir Hussain, So Percussion, Curtis Bahn, Tomie Hahn, Pauline Oliveros, Brad Garton, Paul Lansky: documentation
| 01/22/2006
first show: documentation