PLOrk Beat Science
(An Adventure in Flute and HyPLOrkussion)

Rebecca Fiebrink + Ge Wang

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PLOrk Beat Science (PBS) is an electro-acoustic structured improvisation for 1 flute, 2 humans, 5 laptops, 5 pressure-sensitve finger drum pads, and 30 audio channels distributed among 5 hemispherical speakers. PBS was first created and performed in 2006 as a Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) chamber piece, by Rebecca Fiebrink and Ge Wang. Drawing from our work with PLOrk and taking inspiration (and 2/3 of our name) from Tabla Beat Science, PLOrk Beat Science reflects our interest in exploring new hybrid performances involving live acoustic instruments (flute, processed) in electronic chamber music settings (via laptops and hemispherical speakers, which radiate sound outwards from each localized instrument), creating crazy interactive beat machines, crafting new performance software and expressive controller mappings, and simply making music together.

audio / video
  • full piece: download (18 min, mp3, recorded 2007.1.13)
  • full piece: stream (m3u)
  • video: normal (18 min, quicktime, 720x480, 99 MB)
  • video: bigger (less lossy, 230 MB)

  • 2007.11.8 - PBS with PLOrk at Science Musuem of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C.
  • 2007.6.1 - PBS at electro-music 2007, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2007.1.18 - PLOrk Winter Concert. Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ
  • 2006.11.19 - ffmup: PLOrktastic Chamber Music. Terrace Club

  • stage plan (pdf)

(many thanks to Spencer Salazar for the photography!)

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