PLOrk : 2019 : Mirror Displays

Fever Dream - Jeff Snyder, Matt Barbier, and Weston Olencki
NJ Endless Update - Raphaël Forment
Here We Go Again - Michael Mulshine
Untitled Study for Strings and Brass - Chris Douthitt
Telepresent - Jess Rowland
Interference - Matthew Wang

Taplin Auditorium 8pm April 20th, 2019

Jeff Snyder
Associate Director
Jason Treuting
Assistant Director
Mike Mulshine
Matt Barbier
Weston Olencki
James Bartusek
Josh Becker
Liam Elliot
Raphaël Forment
Spencer Hadley
Claire Hu
Anna Meadors
Abbie Minard
Jess Rowland
Maya Stepansky
Matt Wang
Nikitas Tampakis
Fever Dream
Jeff Snyder

Fever Dream is a showcase for the Feedback Trombone, an instrument developed by Jeff Snyder in his New Instrument Research Lab, with contributions by Rajeev Erramilli ’18, Michael Mulshine, Matthew Wang, and Nikola Kamcev. This piece uses the second revision of the instrument, which was developed closely with the members of RAGE Thormbones.
NJ Endless Update
Raphaël Forment

While in Princeton, I became more and more interested by live-coding languages. This piece is the result of an experimentation in this domain. Using Sonic-Pi, a very popular live-coding language, I’ve tried my best (with an invaluable help from Michael Mulshine) to explore different ways to synchronize multiple musicians over the network. My goal was to bring a collaborative and social dimension to the act of live-coding music.

Through each jam session, each technical possibility explored, each parametrical change, the malleability of the code revealed both new musical landscapes and problems. Writing music on the fly on a computer keyboard opens an exciting realm made of Copy/Paste/Cut, and turns the computer keyboard into a physical music instrument. It also unveils a new relation between composition and improvisation, a new mediation between the musical notation and the sonic world. This piece is made of an endless update of code fragments — being small sonic shards — and of the careful interplay of the musicians.
NJ Endless Update
Mike Mulshine

This piece conveys some thoughts about language and meaning using a medium that combines contemporary mainstream and experimental musical ideas and techniques. Thank you to Jeff Snyder and PLOrk, my friends from MrE, and the audience for all the support.

Untitled Study for Strings and Brass
Chris Douthitt

Jess Rowland

This piece is part of a series of works that explore the concept of telepresence - the uncanny experience of being present while at the same time being entirely elsewhere, such as with video fa-chevron-lefterencing, cloud sharing systems, or in this case, cell phone communication. This particular Telepresent was developed in conjunction with PLOrk and can be thought of as a structured improvisation between performers, their environment, their cell phones, some local cell phone towers, telecommunication satellites in geosynchronous orbits, and then back again over and over in an interplanetary feedback loop that - under ideal conditions of barometric pressure - congeals into a critical mass of cell phone singularity.
Matthew Wang

Interference is an experimental generative music system and game intended to blur the line between musical performance and gameplay. Throughout its performance, its players will build, control, and transform musical sequences in a shared game space. Each player’s goal is to paint the space with their visualized sequence and assimilate other players to their color palette and harmonic field. Interference was composed and developed in completion of Matthew’s undergraduate senior thesis.

TAP is a collaborative piece created by PLOrk, based around the tap-dancing skills of PLOrk member Abbie Minard, and features guest dancers Francisca Weirich-Freiberg ’21 and Harsimran Makkad ’22, and guest drummer Maya Stepansky.